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Chatbot BenefitsAugust 9, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

Chatbot Lens: The Benefits of Automation in HR

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I am certain there are quite a few articles about the benefits of automation in HR.

As you can see from the title of my article, though, I am going to focus on the chatbot impact of it all. Not very surprising.

We are in a unique position. Our experience deploying chatbots for large HR departments has given us incredible insights. Insights I am going to share with you below.

What are the benefits of automation in HR? From a chatbot point of view, there are three main benefits: time, appreciation, and innovation.

Let's run through each of these together.

The chatbot deployment phases

Before we do this, I want to touch on an important point.

Any large scale chatbot deployment will be done in phases. We always recommend our clients split their chatbot project up into two to three phases at least.

This allows us to build, deploy, learn, fix, then pile on the next phase.

build measure learn


There are many other reasons we do this, some of which mentioned in this article.

My point is the benefits of chatbot automation in HR will depend on which deployment phase we are talking about. Interestingly, the first phase usually has the biggest impact because that is when we grab all the low hanging fruits (you will learn more below).

Keep this in mind as you read on. All the benefits might not instantly relate to the project you have in mind, but they are there.

Automation in HR - All this free time!?

The first benefit of automation (in any sector, anywhere in the world) is more free time.

automation in hr chatbot free time

Since we are talking about HR, let's dive into specific data, shall we?

The HR execs we have spoken to have given us incredible insights on the time they spend doing their job. As we know, HR is a department that does a whole lot in a company. From recruitment to onboarding and payroll; they do it all.

Would it surprise you to know about 30 to 50% of an HR rep's time is spent answering repetitive questions from employees? You know the type of questions I am referring to.

  • How many holidays do we have?
  • Can you send me an NDA template?
  • What is the casual Friday dress code?

The type of questions you want to answer 'just look for it in the docs!'.

A chatbot can automate all of that. Instantly. Done. 30 to 50% of your time given back to you in a flash. What will you do with all that free time?

Automation in HR - Employee love

Like I always say, employees are customers.

Automating HR tasks with the help of a chatbot can help more than just the HR reps. By automatically answering most employee enquiries, you are giving them the care they want and deserve.

Recent research shows 69% of consumers prefer using chatbots to find the answer to their questions because they are instant. Guess what? Your employees are consumers. They want instantaneity. They want the answers they are looking for, now.

2017 chatbot report ubisend 69pc

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An HR chatbot can offer them that.

In our interviews with HR executives, we found a recurring theme: employees feeling unloved in large enterprises. Though not HR's own fault (obviously), employees feel like they are not taken seriously when they have to wait several days to get an answer to their question.

Bringing chatbot automation takes care of that. Employees now get instant answers to most of their questions. Thanks to the automation in place taking care of the low-hanging fruits, HR reps have more time on their hands to answer the more complex questions.

Everybody wins.

Automation in HR - At the forefront of innovation

This benefit ties in both of the above: innovation.

I came out of a meeting this morning. This company has over 2,000 employees, clunky old software, and offices in several different cities over the UK.

Their motivation for bringing a chatbot project into the HR department? Innovation.

43% of consumers perceive companies using chatbots as innovative (source). It is a real driver of growth and happiness within the business. Innovating in a department like human resources is primordial to the well-being of the entire company.

Most of the time, innovation comes from within. What best department than HR to do this? It brings a wind of change to the organisation. It shows a propensity for forward-thinking.

In a recent webinar, one of our attendees asked a very astute question: what are the advantages of a recruitment chatbot (besides collecting data and allowing conversations)? Listen to Brad, our implementation strategist, talk through the particular advantages a recruitment chatbot would bring.

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How could your company benefit from an HR chatbot?