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Chatbot BenefitsApril 17, 2019Written by

Top 5 Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Service

The way we as humans like to do business is changing.

Perhaps I should rephrase that: tech has changed the way we like to do business, whether it’s inadvertent or not.

Humans are more efficient than we have ever been throughout history and our quest to become autonomous continues with the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI).


Let’s not get too bogged down in a random chat about self-driving cars and robots. We’re not there yet, but we are at the point where we can really enhance interactions between customers and businesses so let’s focus on that.

Let's explore how we can use chatbots to improve customer service and increase business efficiencies.

Psst... do you prefer video format? I recorded this for you:

Five ways chatbots improve customer service

1) Accessibility

Research shows live chat (including chatbots) is the preferred method for customers to interact with your services department.

live chat preferred method


It beats waiting on the phone and who’s even writing letters (emails) these days?

Most of us would rather fire off a message to a support agent and wait for a response while they get on with the housework. That’s the flexibility live chat offers.

It’s faster than email and you're not obliged to listen to brain-drilling holding music.

Chatbots come with all the advantages of live chat, and pile some more on top of them.

If you don’t have live chat available yet - we recommend that you implement this before adding an AI layer to improve the service.

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Here is the crux of it. Yes, live chat platforms offer a better and preferred method of communication but there is a big flaw when AI is not involved.

21% of live chats are going unanswered because users are getting bored of waiting for a response. You could be losing the opportunity to serve nearly a whole quarter of your customer base. They’re leaving with a bad impression.

Queue benefit number two...

2) Speed of response

The first benefit focussed on the method of contact. This encompasses chatbots because the medium is the same.

Chatbots now eradicate the need for users to wait for a response to their live chat enquiries. Since chatbots respond instantly, you no longer lose all of those people who get bored of waiting.

You’ll also be providing better service overall. Once your customers end their conversation, they leave with an even better impression of your customer services.

live chat on hold

This also (almost as if this had been planned) seamlessly ties in with benefit three.

3) Higher volume of self-service resolutions

Do you know those repetitive enquiries from customers who don't bother to look at the FAQs?

Solved with automation.

Customers who enquire about a simple detail in their contract/interaction with you?

Also solved with automation.

Similar to self-service checkouts in supermarkets, chatbots allow customers to self-serve.

This is faster, more efficient, and in some cases a preferred method of interaction for your customers.

customers chatbots instant answers

69% of consumers prefer chatbots because of their instantaneity (source)

Take the weight of really simple interactions off of the shoulder of your customer service agents and...

4) Allow staff to focus on higher value enquiries

When the going gets tough and a super complex enquiry presents itself, time becomes precious.

The good news is that with a chatbot in place, your virtual assistant is handling all of the simple interactions leaving your staff free to handle the more difficult scenarios.

This is a perfect example of humans and AI working in tandem to deliver a better service to your customers and reduce costs.

With less pressure, your staff have the time to go the extra mile with every enquiry that comes their way.

5) 24/7 availability

Humans weren’t built for night shifts. Machines are.

Whether you already have a 24/7 customer service department or not, bots can now bolster every single hour of the clock face and do business with your customers at a time that suits them.

If you have smaller teams, you may also have intermittent breaks in your customer service availability for lunch breaks etc. These gaps are now a thing of the past and users will no longer be forced to wait to be served:

live chat waiting

Of course, there are a plethora of additional benefits that come with using chatbots and AI in customer service.

For instance, increased customer retention, scalability, accelerated business growth, etc. -- all of which are made possible by the five core points above.

Do you think your business could use the help? Get in touch with ubisend to talk about the demands on your customer service department and how a tailored customer service chatbot can help.