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Chatbot BenefitsMay 11, 2016Written by Dean Withey

Chatbot Benefits - Blogging and Blogger Industry

Deliver your content to your readers through the messaging applications they use all day, every day. 

Mobile messages get the highest open rates you'll find: 98% within 3 minutes of receiving the message.

Not only are your messages read, they also drive engagement: 47% click-through rate.

Being a blogger isn’t easy. Original, regular, inspiring and engaging content doesn’t come out of thin air. You work hard at your craft and want people to read what you write.

To make matters worse, it seems like everyone is a blogger. It has fast become one of the world’s most competitive and crowded professions. Many of these bloggers make very little, if any, money.

  • SEO takes years to develop.
  • Link building is a detailed, meticulous task.
  • Email marketing is slowly dying. You would be lucky to get you a 15% open and 5% click rate.
Imagine sending a summary with a link to your latest post directly to someone’s Facebook Messenger or WeChat account. Oh wait, you can.

Imagine this.

You write a piece of content. You log into ubisend and send a summary and link to that content directly to your readers. Straight into the messaging applications they spend most of their time using.

That’s precisely what ubisend will do for you.

You write, we’ll worry about delivery.

  • It’s new, only the most up-to-date bloggers are starting to realise its potential.
  • It’s getting results; 98% open rate and messages read within 3 minutes. How do your email and other inbound campaigns compare?
  • It’s easy to setup. Integrating Facebook Messenger to your ubisend account takes one single click.
  • It integrates with your revenue models. Need ad impressions? Generate traffic through mobile messaging content and linking. Need clicks? Drive ready-to-buy eyes to an even more highly targeted ad (ask us how we can pass reader data to your programmatic ads). Need brand awareness? Engage in real-time conversation through popular messaging applications. AMAs, topics of the day, mobile-to-web publishing and more.
  • Generate huge ROI. There’s no cost to send messages through most messaging applications. Forget the high cost of SMS and the poor performance of email, welcome to 2017.