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Chatbot BenefitsMay 30, 2016Written by Dean Withey

Chatbot Benefits - Customer Support and Success Teams

There is no substitute for knowing your customers. ubisend makes supporting them easy peasy.

Your customers want to talk to you via messaging applications. Recent survey showed that 63.9% of consumers expect it to be an option.

The same study showed that 45.8% of consumers would rather interact with companies via messaging applications than emails (get the full report).


Converse your way to success

Chase Clemons of Basecamp believes your customers want a conversation, not correspondence. We agree.

Your customers are people. Not tickets, numbers or positions in a queue. These people want to work with you and want to use your product. They just need a little help.

Imagine saying to your customer “If you get stuck just drop us a message on Facebook Messenger…”

It’s not always feasible for your company to have lots of staff on the telephone ready to help a customer.


What can chatbots do for your customer service team?

It is feasible for your company to have a single member of staff having many conversations with many customers simultaneously, using messaging applications and our two-way conversation functionality.

ubisend for your customers looks like this:

  1. They hit a snag or problem.
  2. They open their favourite messaging application on their phone.
  3. They search for your company.
  4. They find you and send you a message to ask for help.
  5. They engage in a two-way conversation with your company with written messages that can contain links to digital resources.
  6. To explain better, they took a picture on their phone and sent it to you, without leaving the messaging application.
  7. Once they get the help they need, they close the conversation.
  8. The potential problem led to them having a great experience with your company.


ubisend for your company looks like this:

  1. A member of your staff receives an alert that a support message has been received.
  2. They navigate to the ubisend two-way messaging feature.
  3. They see all past conversations with customers and open the new message.
  4. They have a conversation with the customer to understand and solve the problem.
  5. Some messages were hand-typed, others were saved snippets. A couple had pictures to help explain.
  6. Once the customer was happy the conversation came to a natural end.

Communicating via messaging with saved replies and pictures means a single member of staff can maintain an effective support function for many customers.

There’s no cost to send messages through most messaging applications, like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, Telegram and KiK.

This makes using ubisend for customer support both cost effective and a great customer experience proposition.

  • It’s new, only the biggest forward-looking companies are starting to realise the potential.
  • It’s getting results; 98% open rate and messages read within 3 minutes. How does your email/ticket support compare?
  • It integrates with your analytics and CRM.
  • It creates experiences for your customers.
  • It’s easy to setup. Integrating Facebook Messenger to your ubisend account takes one single click.
  • There’s no cost to send messages through most messaging applications. Forget the high cost of SMS and telephone support or the poor performance of email, welcome to 2017.