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Chatbot IndustriesJune 2, 2016Written by Alex Debecker

Chatbot Benefits - Marketing and Digital Agency Industry

Demonstrate digital expertise and craft perfect digital journeys.

Consumers expect to talk to brands via mobile messaging applications. A recent study showed that 63.9% believe businesses should be available on their favourite apps (get the full report for free).

A Facebook study showed that 67% expect to talk more with businesses via messaging applications over the next two years.

You need to push boundaries, you need to stand-out, and most of all you need to get results. Your clients expect you to be at the forefront of technology. You’re expected to know the latest trends and understand the best way to generate value.

No cost to your agency, pricing scales with your clients’ subscribers. We don’t charge you to manage your clients' campaigns.

Get your digital agency involved in the chatbot space

Mobile messaging using messaging applications including Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber and others makes it easy.

  • It’s new, only the biggest agencies are starting to manage mobile messaging.
  • It’s getting results; 98% open rate and messages read within 3 minutes. How do your email campaigns compare?
  • It’s easy to setup. Integrating Facebook Messenger to your ubisend account takes one single click.
  • Integrate with your client’s business models. Need ad impressions? Generate traffic through mobile messaging content and linking. Need sales? Drive ready-to-buy eyes to an e-commerce platform or re-engage past customers. Need brand awareness? Engage in real-time conversations through popular messaging applications.
  • Generate huge ROI. There’s no cost for your clients to send messages through messaging applications. Forget the high cost of SMS, it’s time to play!

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