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Chatbot BenefitsJuly 1, 2016Written by Dean Withey

Chatbot Benefits - PPC Agency Industry

Google said it: mobile has changed how we act and react in life.

60% of millennials prefer messaging with companies.

65% of consumers said they’d consider messaging to connect with a business.

You’ve heard the good news: Google have introduced the Click to Message Ads.

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This new feature allows advertisers to display a button that, once clicked by a potential customer, will trigger an SMS to the company advertising their services. It’s a new way for businesses to interact with their customers – a more direct and convenient way.

This is great news as mobile messaging is the marketing channel of the future.

In their release statement, Google state "A timely response to the user will help engagement."

This is where ubisend come in.


Automate your clients’ SMS acquisition channel

A new acquisition channel? Great.

An acquisition channel that outperforms everything your clients have tried so far? Great.

Another channel your client must monitor and answer? Not great (but that's where you come in!).

Partnering with ubisend means you can set up SMS automation for your clients in minutes. From purchasing a number, creating autoresponders and drip campaigns to delivering purchase information and appointment reminders. Our platform powers the service for you to enable your clients to direct SMS enquiries to any outcome.

Whether it is to make a purchase or get traffic to your client's blog, we've got you covered.


Watch the video demo below:




No set up cost. Full white label or self-managed solutions. Join the program today.

Present an opportunity to your clients that will drive potential customers from a simple enquiry all the way to a conversion (whatever that may be).

Sample the demo and give it a try

Send a SMS to this number (it’s free) to see a full demonstration: +44 7507 332 616

You'll get a better understanding of the potential our partnership will deliver to your clients.

Your clients’ success is your success which is our success.

Ready to get set up? Apply to the program now.