It's all over the place.

News about the chatbot trend is everywhere. Only yesterday we discussed this very topic at the office. Quite fun to see the newsletters we are all subscribed to all the sudden write about chatbots!

Though chatbots news is everywhere, finding the right content to follow can be tough. To fix this, I thought I'd write a short article to bundle all the sources I believe you should follow.

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1. ubisend

Boom. Surprise [censored].


If I am being fair, we may not be the best chatbot news website. Why? Mainly because we don't necessarily report on the latest news. The purpose of our blog is to share our knowledge from within the industry, as leaders.

Still, though, we should hang out. You can get our bi-weekly chatbot blog update by subscribing here: Subscribe to the ubisend blog.

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2. TechCrunch

If you are not following TechCrunch yet, welcome to the internet. I'll be your guide.

TechCrunch is the source of information around the world wide web when it comes to tech. Unsurprisingly, they write quite a bit about chatbots.

I tend to follow their 'chatbots' tag to make sure I don't miss anything. You will see it isn't their most popular tag, but it is a great source of information.

TechCrunch, chatbot tag.


3. The Next Web

The Next Web, or TNW for short, is another household name in the tech scene. Like TechCrunch, they write about a whole bunch of technology-related stuff. You will find updates about the new Apple products, opinion pieces about net neutrality, and more.

TNW don't have a chatbot section per se, though they do have an artificial intelligence section. You will find a bunch of great articles in this section, definitely worth following.

Aside from that section, I would also advise you to keep a regular eye on the Opinion pieces. There is a lot to learn from some of the leading experts in our industries.

TNW, artificial intelligence.

TNW, opinion.


4. Medium

Medium is a funny old website. It is a sort of social network for writers... kinda.

I wouldn't say it is the best place to get your chatbot news from but it is definitely worth keeping an eye on. On Medium, people can create publications around a specific topic. There are lots of Medium publications about chatbots and AI. 

Keep an eye on who you follow and the authors of the articles you read. A few businesses sponsor Medium publications with a specific agenda in mind so take their 'news' with a pinch of salt.

Medium, chatbot publications.


5. VentureBeat

VentureBeat is the factory of tech news. These guys publish articles at an incredible rate all day every day. They focused a good part of their efforts on the chatbot industry for over a year now, so it is certainly a place to browse.

On VB, you will find both opinion pieces and news. They boast a large number of authors, including yours truly. I write opinion pieces over there, but you will also find industry leaders writing about the latest chatbot news.

Follow their Bots section to keep up to date. Like Medium, make sure you vet the author of the articles you read.

Venturebeat, bots category.


Time to get crackin'

There you go. If this is your first stab at catching up, you've got some reading to do. Don't forget to come by and say hi. Or, even better, subscribe to our blog.