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Chatbot NewsJanuary 16, 2018Written by Alex Debecker

9 Chatbot Newsletters to Stay on Top of the Tech

The chatbot industry changes fast.

It is sometimes hard to keep an eye on everything that happens. The industry is in a constant state of innovation, which is amazing but also sometimes a bit hard to follow.

Fear not, dear readers -- we've got you covered.

Hand-picked chatbot newsletters

To help you stay on top of the trend, I have hand-picked five of my favourite chatbot newsletters. I don't read them religiously. I often scan through the email(s) for general topics before diving it. Here they are.

A hand-picked selection of chatbot newsletters

Below, I go a bit more in-depth with each of these publications. Continue reading to find out which of these would suit you best.

If you are interested in the tech. If chatbots fascinate or confuse you. If you are ready to deep-dive into the crazy world of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and conversational UX.

Join these newsletters (plus the honourable mentions at the bottom of the article) and start your journey.


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O'Reilly is one of these companies everyone in the business has heard of. Before 1984, O'Reilly was a technical writing consulting firm. It is around that time that they started to publish books about programming, computers, and technology.

oreilley newsletter

Today, O'Reilly is a trusted source of information on business and technical topics. Their online library hosts an incredible amount of books and white-papers.

Fair warning: a big part of their content is quite advanced.

What will you learn with O'Reilly's chatbot newsletter? You will receive weekly news about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the latest insights from industry leaders.

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I didn't think it right to put ubisend at the very top (so modest), but I sure am not putting us lower than second place!

We are a creative AI technology company. We have been around for 10+ years building smart conversational solutions for companies like Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, and BabyCenter.

Today, we focus on spreading chatbot awareness and knowledge. Though we tend to work with big businesses, we share content for everyone.

Thousands of people from all around the world receive and read our newsletter twice a week.

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Chatbots Weekly

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Chatbots Weekly does exactly what it says on the tin. Every week, you will receive an email about the latest chatbot stuff happening.

They curate content from big publishers, platform blogs (like Messenger, for instance), and sometimes even feature a bot they like.

Fair warning: as I am writing this and sharing it with the world, the Chatbots Weekly team haven't published anything since December 4th.

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Wild Week in AI

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This is one of my favourite chatbot and AI newsletter. Denny, the man behind the content, curates the best chatbot, AI, and machine learning he can find.

Highly knowledgeable on all those topics, Denny does a great job of capturing the content that matters. The 'Wild Week in AI' newsletter is one you don't want to miss (like ubisend's, hint).

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Fair warning: their site is... well... odd. If you can see past it, you will find value. But yeah, I know, tough one.

kdnuggets ai newsletter

So, this is a bit of a weird one. Like O'Reilly, KDnuggets' newsletter isn't as chatbots per se. Having said that, it is a fantastic source of information for anything that relates to AI, ML, and data science in general.

These three topics put together essentially make chatbots. Some of the content is advanced but lots of it is very readable for any knowledge level.

I love this newsletter.

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Honourable mentions

I want to mention two incredible blogs you should definitely follow and read frequently. I didn't add them to the list above simply because they don't have a newsletter.

You will have to go and read the old way: by going to their site (or find their RSS feed).

Neither of these names need much introduction. Click and browse right now, you will understand why I have to include them in this article.

Keep up with chatbot news

It's not all about newsletters. Sometimes, the best websites provide information straight from their glorious pages. I've put together a short list of places where you can find good chatbot content/news/guides.

Keep an eye on the latest by browsing the publications below.


TechCrunch is 'the' tech website. I mean, if you haven't heard of it yet, I'd wonder where you've been hiding.

Unsurprisingly, they have a section solely focussed on chatbots and artificial intelligence. It's important to know their chatbot section is very news-y, meaning you will find articles about chatbot companies raising funds as well as opinion pieces on chatbots taking over websites.

TechCrunch is a great website to keep on your radar for all things tech.

Read TechCrunch/chatbots

The Next Web

The Next Web (also known as TNW) is another tech news giant. Like TechCrunch, TNW write about all things tech.

They don't have a chatbot section per se, but they do have a great artificial intelligence section. You will find articles about the latest tech, AI in the VR world, algorithms, and opinion pieces on whether or not robots will take over the world.

Read TheNextWeb/artificial-intelligence


Medium is odd. Anyone can start a publication, start writing stuff, hit publish, and voila. It's the social network of writing, sort of.

While it's probably not the best place to find your chatbot news or the best opinion pieces (for the above reason illustrated above), it is good to keep an eye on what's out there. There are many publications around AI, chatbots, and even machine learning/advanced stuff.

If you click the link below, read each articles with a pinch of salt. Try to spot the best authors and follow them rather than the publications; you will extract more value from Medium that way.

Find Medium publications about chatbots


Venturebeat is the factory of tech news. These guys hit the publish button like crazy. They have been focusing on the chatbot industry for quite a while now, so it's definitely a website to keep your eye on.

Much like Medium, I would advise you to keep an open mind about what you read on there. You will find lots of opinion pieces (including some of mine!). Again, like Medium, try to follow specific authors.

Read Venturebeat's bot category

This is my list! What newsletters do you subscribe to? What do you get from them? Join the conversation on Twitter.