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Chatbot IndustriesJuly 27, 2016Written by Dean Withey

Chatbots for Publishing and Editorial Industry

You know your audience. You know what they read. Now go beyond the words.

The data is on your side

Mobile messages boast the highest open rates in any industry. 98% of your messages within 3 minutes of reception.

For your ads to be seen, you also need your links to be clicked. On average, mobile messages have a 47% click-through rate.

You’re seeing pressure on your revenue streams. Programmatic ads are driving pricing down and in some cases, bypassing you completely. Print advertising is declining; mobile advertising is good, but prices are falling.


Impact your revenue with new technology

The answer is more than just improving your content marketing strategy. It’s about creating, but more importantly, delivering custom content to a reader, content that doesn’t feel like it includes an ad.

Deliver your content to the right reader, at the right time, in the right place.

Mobile messaging using Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber and others makes it easy.

  • It’s new, only the biggest publishers are starting to realise its potential.
  • It’s getting results; 98% open rate and messages read within 3 minutes. How do your email and other inbound campaigns compare? Probably not as good!
  • It’s easy to setup. Integrating Facebook Messenger to your ubisend account takes one single click.
  • It integrates with your revenue models. Need ad impressions? Generate traffic through mobile messaging content and linking. Need clicks? Drive ready-to-buy eyes to an even more highly targeted ad (ask us how we can pass reader data to your programmatic ads). Need brand awareness? Engage in real-time conversations through popular messaging applications. QAs, topics of the day, mobile-to-web publishing and more.
  • Generate huge ROI. There’s no cost to send messages through most messaging applications. Forget the high cost of SMS and the poor performance of email, welcome to 2017.
  • Chatbots are the future. We build custom chatbots for businesses of all sizes. Get in touch for more information.