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Chatbot Success StoriesJuly 20, 2017Written by Dean Withey

6 Top-Notch Examples of Chat Bots

examples of chat bots

So, you have never tested a chatbot before?

Don't worry, according to our research you are part of the majority. 75% of UK consumers have not yet interacted with a chatbot.

This means there is still a lot of work to do to introduce the trend to the masses. This also means most people (you, maybe?) might Google 'examples of chat bots' to try and find some to play with.

I will not go over 100s of examples. I picked just six for you to try. Like the title suggests, I picked top-notch examples, too. You should find value in using these.

Let's get cracking.


Get the dough rollin' with Dominos

In many ways, Domino's were the first to adopt the chatbot trend at a large scale. Back in summer 2016, they released their Facebook Messenger chatbot allowing UK consumers to order their favourite pie.

They initially started small, offering only a few features through their chatbot, 'Dom'. After a year of testing, they made the complete experience available through their chatbot. They also released it to the US in the hopes of reaching a new market.

Test the Domino's chatbot on Facebook Messenger. You may need to have an account with them to actually place an order.


Fashion! Turn to the H&M chatbot

The H&M chatbot lives on Kik, a mobile messaging platform most commonly used by the younger generation. The target audience is teens, as you will notice once you start engaging with it.

The purpose of the H&M chatbot is to help you out with your fashion sense. You know that beautiful shirt you have in your closet but can never find anything to go with it? The chatbot is there to help.

Show it your item of clothing and it will show you items that go with it (from the H&M brand, of course).

Test the H&M chatbot on Kik Messenger. 


Can you book an appointment? Meekan.

Meekan, recently acquired by Doodle, is a meeting scheduling chatbot. It solves a massive pain many of us have: finding a time that suits everyone's calendar.

Meekan connects to the calendar of each person on your team and organises your meetings for you. It lives on Slack and saves a lot of time. Ask it to organise a meeting for you with different people from your team, and Meekan will go find the best time for everyone.

Test the Meekan chatbot on Slack. 


All aboard the Kayak chatbot

Daydreaming about that next holiday? Daydream no more. Kayak is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that allows you to browse and book travel.

I personally always found travel websites to have quite poor UX. A chatbot is exactly what I need for this type of task. Find the right flights, book the perfect hotel, and be on your way -- all through a simple Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Test the Kayak chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

You are not alone with Foxsy

Post swiping revolution pioneered by Tinder et al. comes the chatbot revolution in the dating world. Foxsy is a Facebook Messenger chatbot that connects you with people and helps you make friends.

Make no mistake, it is a dating chatbot. Engage Foxsy and ask it to show you new potential friends. Find someone you fancy? Send him or her a text through Foxsy, and engage in conversation.

They also have a super cheesy promo video about... yoga?


Test the Foxsy chatbot on Facebook Messenger.


Bank of America's assistant, Erica

Back to serious business now. In 2016, Bank of America released their AI assistant, Erica.

Erica helps you save money by prompting users based on their spending habits. For instance, Erica might say "Due to your typical monthly spending, you have an additional $150 you can be putting towards your cash rewards Visa. This may save you up to $300 per year."

Erica users can interact with it either via text or via voice. One important note, though: Erica is only accessible through the Bank of America app.