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Chatbot BenefitsAugust 3, 2016Written by Alex Debecker

Facebook Messenger Chatbots for SMEs

It’s becoming normal for people to chat with business using messaging apps.

Recent study showed 61.4% of consumers are unhappy to highly unhappy about the marketing emails they get from companies. (Grab the full report)

Your customers want to talk to you via Facebook Messenger. Recent survey showed that 66% of consumers expect it to be an option.

It’s not easy. One eye is watching everything it takes to stay in business, and the other is in the future. You know you must keep up with technology and trends, after all, your competitors probably are.


The technology is changing, even for SMEs

Your email response rates aren’t as you’d like and social media is time-consuming and difficult to segment.

Here’s an insight into the future.

Imagine talking to your customers how they like to talk. You can start talking today.

A recent survey found that 66 percent of consumers are using chat applications to communicate with a business. Want more insights? Download the full report.

The most popular messaging app for communication with a business is Facebook Messenger.

Your customers are using messaging applications, and they’d love to use them to talk to you.


“What time does your shop close today?”

“What’s your address?”

“Can I reorder my last purchase?”

“I need help, what’s the best number to call?”

“Do you have any of X in stock?”


These are typical questions that your business should be responding to immediately.

You can start to offer your help through a custom Facebook Messenger chatbot


Cost of adoption? Almost nada

It doesn’t cost anything to send and receive messages through Facebook Messenger. All it takes is a little bit of effort to set it up and ubisend to manage the conversations.

Data shows, right now, people are waiting and willing to talk to you through messaging applications.

The advantage of doing so is yours to take.