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Chatbot NewsMay 3, 2018Written by Alex Debecker

[Update] Facebook put Messenger Integrations on Pause

Editor's note: we will keep updating this post as new events occur. Below are the latest updates.

Facebook is back!

May 3rd update: We are back, ladies and gentlemen! Yesterday, at F8 (hey, that's us on the big screen!), Facebook announced they are re-opening the app review process entirely. As before, there is nothing for you to do on your end. You can start integrating your Facebook page through the ubisend platform as you would have before, it should all work perfectly. Welcome back everyone!

April 17th update: Great news! Facebook seem to be reopening the floodgates. Hold the confettis and champagne just yet, though. Yes, they have announced they are re-enabling the app reviews, but for now they're going to keep it low-key. They are slowly going through the reviews, accepting new applications, and more importantly going with the people already in the queue. So, we're not back at full capacity just yet, but close enough.

Some of our users have reported being able to integrate Facebook Messenger into their ubisend account. If you've been trying for the last couple of weeks without any luck, now is the time to give it another whirl.

April 5th update: Facebook has started announcing some the changes they're making in a post yesterday. The bit we're interested in is Pages API. It seems as though those changes in the API should not affect our chatbot and mobile messaging integrations much.

Facebook and its handling of data have been making headlines.

As you may have noticed on their Messenger blog announcement, Facebook have started an in-depth investigation of Messenger's usage by third-party applications.

While this is happening, Facebook has disabled new app reviews. This, of course, impacts ubisend and our users.

The impact on ubisend users

The Facebook Messenger decision to put all app reviews means three things for ubisend users.

The first, all current Facebook Messenger integrations remain active and working as expected. As long as you do not disconnect your Facebook integration from within the ubisend platform, you are good to go. There is nothing you need to do to keep your Facebook chatbot and mobile messaging active.

The second, if you disconnect a currently working Facebook Messenger integration, you will not be able to reconnect it until Facebook enable integrations again.

Finally, if you have not yet integrated Facebook Messenger, you will not be able to do so. When you try to incorporate Facebook Messenger into your ubisend account, you will be returned to a 404 page.

ubisend app 404

Temporary restrictions

Facebook is adamant this be temporary, but no one outside the company knows when the connections will be turned back on.

They are planning a revamp of the service, with an ultimate goal of giving more control to the end user over the apps they use and the personal information they share.

While there isn't much ubisend can do at this stage, we would like to ensure you we are keeping a very close eye on things. We will, of course, keep you updated should any new news arise.

Please let us know if you have any questions or doubts about managing your Facebook Messenger integration for either a chatbot or your mobile messaging.