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Chatbot NewsMarch 2, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

Facebook Messenger Release Major Platform Update

Facebook Messenger, the biggest chatbot building platform, have released a major update full of important new features.

The new Facebook Messenger features

Alright, let's have a look at what Facebook had in store for us. Time to adapt!

New persistent menu

Facebook Messenger always had a persistent menu in the bottom left of the conversation screen. They have made a major change to this feature by making it fully visible at all times (unless you physically drag it down with your thumb).

It looks like this:


the guardian persistent menu facebook messenger


As you can see, the menu is persistent and fully opened, with the available options showing. The hamburger menu reappears once you start typing a message.

Note: the hamburger is located on the right of the text input field.


Disable text input

Chatbot builders can now disable text input from their users, rending it impossible for them to type anything back.

This should make flow-based chatbots a lot slicker as their users will never have the opportunity to stray off the path laid out by the buttons presented to them.


Misc - Sharing and targeting

Although these are of lesser importance, it is still worth mentioning.

Facebook have opened up targeting options. Chatbot owners can now limit access to specific countries.

Facebook have added new sharing features.

Need more in-depth info? Read the Messenger changelog.