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Chatbot AbilitiesApril 1, 2021Written by

Top HR Chatbot Features your Competitors want Kept Quiet

Answering queries, booking meetings, filing expense claims - the HR chatbot’s bread and butter.

The thing is, that’s barely scratching the surface.

With a flexible chatbot platform, such as ubisend, there’s so much more ‘under the hood.’ The more up-to-date with these features you are, the more likely you’ll be able to make impactful changes for your department.

In this article, we breakdown the ‘hidden’ HR chatbot features and explain what makes them pop. To see these features in action, check out this webinar focused entirely on lesser-known HR chatbot features.

1. Broadcasts and notifications

Broadcasts and notifications are the tools HR departments use to keep their workforce updated. While both powerful on their own, broadcast and notifications work best when used in tandem.

They enable HR departments to keep their entire workforce up-to-date via a single engaging channel. There's no more worrying if your emails are being read, or even opened. Plus, your chatbot can deal with any follow up questions regarding the updates.

In short, these are your change management tools.

  1. Broadcasts - Send a message to everyone currently using your chatbot. Broadcasts are a great way to share instant updates. Last-minute reminders, sudden technical issues and quick updates are all perfect uses for broadcasts.
  2. Notifications - Leave a notification for your users to view when they next use your chatbot. Notifications work in the same way as social media notifications. They’re small, unobtrusive reminders that sit in the top right of the widget until they’re read. They’re perfect for gentle reminders.

2. Providing a personalised employee experience

Your employees and colleagues receive a personalised experience whenever they shop. Why? That extra level of personalisation makes people feel valued.

Naturally, organisations are now looking to provide their workforce with this same level of care.

By design, chatbots provide personalised experiences off the bat. You can offer multilingual services, location-based services (great for those changing policies and legislations across different offices), and even tailor it down the department and seniority level of an employee.

This short extract (taken from our in-depth webinar on lesser-known HR chatbot features) showcases a chatbot providing personalised experiences perfectly:

Integrating your chatbot with your HRMS provides an extra level of personalisation. Dave talks to the chatbot and by simply picking up on his employee ID, the chatbot knows to adapt its content to Dave's location and position at the company.

3. Unique and tailored analytics

When it comes to analytics, chatbots are king. They provide insights into your workforce you can’t get anywhere else. Here’s why chatbot data has emerged as the best way to understand what makes your employees tick:

  1. Customisable metrics
  2. Within your chatbot platform, you should be able to track your priorities exactly through custom metrics (make sure you ask your chatbot provider this before investing). In short, as your priorities change you receive data that is relevant and reflects the change.

    In other words, you can create metrics that match your current priorities. Have you launched a new initiative promoting your company benefits? Create a metric to track how often your workforce asks about their benefits.

  3. Customisable dashboard
  4. To top off creating your own metrics, you can ensure it’s easy to see relevant data. There’s no need to hire a data analyst or spend your valuable time trying to decipher a report. Simply drag metrics in and out of your dashboard as your priorities change. You can reposition the data you see and export it all with the click of a button.

  5. Highlight employee pain points

Chatbots provide a record of every question asked (this can be made anonymous if you wish). This provides valuable insights into the beating heart of your business. Notice a spike in staff asking about pay reviews? This could be an early warning that your workforce is feeling under-valued.

As a whole, the reason ubisend’s chatbot analytics is regarded so highly is due to its flexibility. You track what matters to you, when it’s a priority, and can easily adjust the data you see at a moment's notice.

Ubisend has the best analytics dashboard I’ve ever seen in a chatbot builder.

Chatimize - independent chatbot reviewer.

4. Remaining GDPR compliant

You can’t mention analytics or data without mentioning GDPR. Thankfully, the ubisend platform comes with a wealth of security features to put minds at ease.

  • Deleting employee data takes seconds.
  • You can set how long (if at all) data is stored.
  • Personal information can be masked, removing it from human eyes.
  • All data gathered can be downloaded at the click of a button.
  • Extensive rules and permissions allow you to restrict who can access what inside the platform, keeping sensitive information safe from wandering eyes.

Providing you opt for a reliable chatbot platform, GDPR will never be a worry for your department.

5. Breathing life into spreadsheets

Spreadsheets form an integral part of many businesses. Staff information, stationery stock levels, expenses, holidays, meeting rooms, and more can all be stored within a spreadsheet.

Chatbots take your old and cumbersome spreadsheets and bring them into the modern age.

Chatbots look up information for you and share it with the wider team. Whatever you currently use spreadsheets for, chatbots bring it into the modern age.

Using a chatbot to give life to your spreadsheets comes with three major benefits:

  1. Less human error. Chatbots don’t lose spreadsheets, accidentally update the wrong cell, or make a quick typo.
  2. Your entire workforce has access, without actually giving access. Rather than your valuable information being locked away in a spreadsheet, chatbots provide a user-friendly way to access the information. Most importantly, they do so without everyone needing access to the entire spreadsheet.
  3. Usability goes through the roof. You no longer need to learn v-lookups, pivot tables, or other complex processes. You simply just ask the chatbot.

Setting up a spreadsheet integration takes no time at all and can be constantly updated as your priorities change.

Honourable mentions

Naturally, this is far from an exhaustive list. The ubisend chatbot platform comes with a wealth of features and this article barely scratches the surface. Full page chatbots provide employees with an immersive experience and embedded chatbots bring your employee portal to life.

With ubisend, you can create multiple chatbots and manage them from a single location. This enables HR departments to be the forefront of digital transformation across the entire business.

If your business makes use of a large number of PDFs, you can import these directly into your chatbot platform. This is a great way to breathe life into old materials and boost engagement.

Additionally, all ubisend chatbots comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). For HR, this means they can deploy chatbots safe in the knowledge they will be accessible for each and every employee.

Combining all of the above while taking into account the literally endless integration possibilities, chatbots quickly become the most powerful tool HR have access to.

All the features mentioned above come into their own when you see them in action. Download this webinar recording to understand why your competitors really, really don’t want you to know about these features.