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Chatbot IndustriesNovember 23, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

How AI and Chatbots are Revolutionising HR

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If you think chatbots blew up, wait to see the impact on the HR space.

We're not the only ones to say it. Many well-known HR publications or specialists report that AI and chatbots will change the HR space for the better.

If you are a skeptic, you are in the right place. Below, I will share a few stats and insights that should convince you to look into chatbots.

Your HR tech stack is about to get an upgrade. A conversational upgrade.

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AI will improve your employees' life

And they welcome it.

A study by Deloitte showed 77% of employees believe AI will better their lives in the workplace. They believe it will allow them to focus on more 'human tasks', reduce stress, and improve their productivity.

ai improve employee happiness

It is clear employees have a lot to gain from AI and chatbots invading the workplace.

Chatbots will make recruiting fairer (and cheaper)

You may have noticed our recruitment chatbot. We released it a few weeks ago. Since then, it has been working 24/7 screening new candidates. It never stops or sleeps.

It also never discriminates. There is a fair bit of documentation about hiring bias out there. I won't venture on this particular topic. What I will say, though, is that chatbot solutions like ours are making recruitment fairer for everyone.

Aside from that, they also make recruitment a whole lot cheaper. If you think of your typical corporate recruitment process, a whole bunch of people are involved very early on.

With an AI-driven chatbot leading the way, companies have seen a 71% decrease in cost per hire. One of our clients saw a 73% reduction of unqualified job applications. Not too shabby.

Chatbots are already on your HR director's radar

I often say HR chatbots are our most requested builds. I have never shared to what extent. So here it is, fresh off our analytics dashboards.

48.07% of all our inbound chatbot requests are HR-related. That is not a small number. Take into account the fact that almost all these are made by HR directors or higher. Now you see why HR chatbots are taking off.

Chatbots give HR teams their time back

Finding this out was super exciting.

During our research, we found HR teams spend about 40% of their time answering the same questions over and over again. As we started to deploy these HR chatbots, the statistic held up.

Our most successful chatbot to date has taken over 83% of all HR enquiries off the HR team. What would you do if got 83% of your day back?

AI chatbots will help onboard and retain employees

You know what's cool about chatbots? They're always on. They never take a break. They never have an important meeting coming up and can only give you 5min of their time.

They're available.

hr tech save time

Large companies have realised this could really help them onboard employees. Onboarding someone new takes time and resources. And, once a human has onboarded a new employee, what then? This employee is now on her own trying to figure out where the cafeteria is.

I predict chatbots will become more and more common to help out in these situations. Don't where something is? Ask the chatbot. Don't know who to talk to? Ask the chatbot.

This will, in turn, increase employee retention. Happy employees are employees who stay. Companies that experiment with AI and chatbots have noticed a 43% increase in employee retention.

Upgrade your HR tech stack: chatbots are coming

I hope these few points and statistics have served their purpose. If you haven't looked at chatbots just yet, now might be the time to start your journey.

AI and chatbots are bound to improve every aspect of our work lives. HR being at centre of it all, it is evident this department is going to be the first one to adopt this new technology.