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Chatbot BenefitsAugust 22, 2016Written by Alex Debecker

SMS Chatbots and the Marketing Industry

All you need to do is write a single sentence of engaging copy.

Your customers and SMS marketing

Your customers love SMS campaigns. In fact, 48.2% of consumers believe businesses should be available and contactable via SMS.

The same study showed 61.4% of consumers are unhappy to highly unhappy about the marketing emails they get from companies (grab the full report).

You have your goal, you nailed your call to action and worked out your AOV and ROI. Now it’s all about efficiency and results.

It’s about making your SMS marketing the best revenue-driving channel possible.

You have two main ways to achieve this.

  1. Lower the cost of sending an SMS, and
  2. improve the results of sending a message

ubisend does both.

Nearly 100% of all mobile devices are SMS enabled. No other mobile channel has that reach.

We can offer you the standard cheapest SMS price available… yada yada, boring… every SMS platform says that.


The unique SMS chatbot offer

What they can’t say is this. We’re a ubiquitous mobile messaging platform. That means you can write a message and send it via SMS and/or any other messaging application you’ve integrated. No coding, no APIs. You write and we’ll send it wherever you want it to go.

Imagine offering your current, and future, SMS subscribers the chance to subscribe using their favourite messaging application (we’re talking Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line, Viber, KiK, Telegram and more). There’s no cost to send a message via messaging applications (except one).

For every person who subscribes using a messaging application, it’s one less person you need to pay to send any SMS to.

90% of the time your subscribers are using their mobile phone, they’re in messaging applications.

So not only are you engaging them, you’re engaging them in exactly the place they’re spending their time.

Costs down. Results up.

Mobile messaging using messaging applications including Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber and others makes it easy.

  • It’s new, only the most up-to-date marketers are sending to messaging applications.
  • It’s getting results; 98% open rate and messages read within 3 minutes. How do your email current campaigns compare?
  • It’s easy to setup. Integrating Facebook Messenger to your ubisend account takes one single click.
  • Integrate with your company business models. Need sales? Drive ready-to-buy eyes to an e-commerce platform or re-engage past customers. Need ad impressions? Generate traffic through mobile messaging content and linking. Need brand awareness? Engage in conversation in real-time through popular messaging applications.
  • Generate huge ROI. There’s no cost to send messages through messaging applications. Forget the high cost of SMS, it’s time to join us in 2016.

Ready to take the plunge? Ask us about custom chatbots.