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About ChatbotsJune 3, 2021Written by

Teasing our New Platform Design

“We evolved to allow more complex functionality, now it’s time to make that functionality beautiful”

- Daniel Jackson, ubisend Lead Developer

ubisend’s made a name for itself as the most powerful and flexible chatbot platform on the market. Where others limit functionality, ubisend encourages innovation and success.

By design, ubisend provides a myriad of avenues for leaders to solve complex challenges. Now, it’s time to take this functionality to the next level.

We’re refining ubisend using the philosophy ‘powerful, accessible, and beautiful.’

Originally, we planned to remain silent. We wanted to unveil our groundbreaking changes in one fell swoop, knocking people off their feet and making a digital splash.

But, it’s hard to stay silent when you’re redefining the industry - we’ve had to find a middle ground.

Today, we’ve released a few impactful user interface (UI) updates that provide a taste of the revolutionary changes soon to come.

Take two to get to know the changes we’ve released with this short video:

Powerful’s the name, beautiful’s the game

In this teaser update, we’ve revamped key areas such as the sidebar and accordions.

Drawing inspiration from the cutting edge of modern app design, we’re taking a minimalist approach to ubisend. The app will provide you with everything you need, without any fluff.

There’s new colours, new icons, refined design, and condensed functionality.

Our lead developer wanted to "improve the way the app felt and worked while maintaining familiarity for our current users."

The design updates will provide a breath of fresh air for current users, without subtracting from their understanding of the platform. The core functionality remains, reinvigorated by new overlays and designs.

Accessible creativity

We’ve increased the contrast of certain colour shades to make creating and managing chatbots easy regardless of your screen quality or lighting (yes, that means you can comfortably tweak a few conversations on your laptop during a late train journey home).

Our user experience team also looked at subtle touches, such as making life easier for keyboard-only users. For example, when tabbing through accordions, a slight shadow highlights the accordion you’re currently editing.

ubisend accordion UI teaser

We believe innovative chatbot experiences can be created by anyone, anywhere.

These subtle accessibility changes reinforce this belief, stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

Groundbreaking on the horizon

The subtle yet impactful changes we’ve released today pave the way for phenomenal updates in the near future.

We’ll be taking the philosophy of powerful, accessible, and beautiful through every element of ubisend. Designs are being refined and functionalities getting streamlined in order to make creating sophisticated, long-term AI solutions an easy reality for all.

What may seem like surface work -- redesigning already functioning features -- will have a powerful impact on our users' day-to-day activities throughout the ubisend platform. This first step lays the foundation for an easier, more engaging, and more successful user experience.

- Alex Debecker, ubisend CMO

ubisend enables brands to do more with less. This update, and those soon to come, will make creating enterprise-grade chatbots feel as natural as checking your emails.

If you’re not already a ubisend user, take a few minutes to get a tour of the platform. Don’t let apathy get in the way of innovation.