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Chatbot NewsJuly 10, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

ubisend Listed in Facebook Messenger Platform Development Provider Directory

ubisend facebook messenger development provider

May 2, 2018 update: David Marcus (Head of Messenger) gave a talk at F8 yesterday, introducing some of Facebook's partners and ubisend's logo could be spotted in the back! Scroll down for screenshots/video/link.

Since Facebook opened up Messenger to developers last year, it has become an important and popular platform for bot builders to create unique bots for Messenger that can leverage AI and help brands drive business outcomes.

A few days ago, Facebook’s announcement took the evolution of Messenger one step further by announcing its Messenger Platform Development Providers Directory.

ubisend Facebook Messenger Platform Development Provider Directory

As currently the only UK registered custom bot development company to be included in this list of bot builders, we are extremely proud and excited to be part of the Messenger team’s vision to develop great bots and encourage more personal and engaging conversations within the Messenger Platform.

The conditions are ripe for bots right now, and the trend is continually gaining speed. Bots can now match or exceed consumers’ expectations of how brands should interact with them and they enable brands to innovate the customer-brand relationship, reaching consumers on platforms they are already using, such as Messenger. With bots, there no longer needs to be a conversation gap.

If you are interested in our chatbot services, reach out or find us on the Facebook Messenger Platform Development Provider Directory.


ubisend spotted at Facebook F8 Conference 2018

Yesterday, 1st of May 2018, Head of Messenger David Marcus gave a keynote on Facebook's progress with Messenger and bots. He particularly talked about the partners and development providers Facebook handpicked to drive this growth.

We're in there!

Spot ubisend's logo in the bottom left behind David:

ubisend facebook F8

Watch David's keynote here: F8 2018: David Marcus’ Keynote