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About ubisendMay 18, 2023Written by Alex Debecker

NEW in ubisend: Robotic Process Automation

ubisend has released a new set of game-changing automation capabilities: introducing robotic process automation.

The ubisend platform has, for years now, been associated with chatbot automation. Today, we're taking a step further by offering the capability to automate pure processes; processes that may or may not contain any messages!

Goodbye repetitive tasks

Robotic process automation, or RPA, is the use of software robots to automate repetitive tasks and processes to improve efficiency.

If you can lay a process out in a set of rule-based tasks and actions, you can automate it. And now, you can do so with ubisend.

The benefits of RPA are plenty and sneakily close to those you've likely experienced with chatbots:

  • Increased efficiency. Automating tasks and processes allows employees to focus on the work they're uniquely qualified to do.
  • Cost saving. Automation reduces labour costs, enabling a business to achieve higher productivity without additional spending.
  • Improved accuracy. Automation robots follow the rules they have been given without fail. That creates more accurate results and less rework.
  • Regulatory compliance. Did we mention automation robots follow rules without fail? Do you know who loves it when rules are followed? That's right, regulatory bodies!
  • Scalability. Automation scales up or down as needed without significant infrastructure or workforce restructuring.
  • Agility. With ubisend, automation is available across all industries, sectors, verticals, and departments.

An upgrade to the builder

The ubisend conversation builder becomes the workflow builder. Here's a peek at the changes introduced with this release:

To create the automated workflows you need, we've introduced a new type of step: automated steps.

ubisend automated step rpa

Drag and drop actions, integrations, and email on an automated step. Line them up and use smart transitions to create the automated workflow your business needs.

ubisend rpa builder

Beyond the newest RPA-related features, this update also brings:

  • A new & improved block bank. Slimmer, cleaner, and more accessible.
  • Clearer block design with visible action names.
  • Support of SOAP APIs.

And lots more.

Want to learn to use the newest features? Head over to our public docs:

RPA use cases

I'm sure you are champing at the bit to get started with RPA. With all these automation opportunities, where should you start?

Here are some ways our early adopters are taking advantage of the newest ubisend features.

  • UK-based recruitment agency is automating the first few steps of the recruitment process. As candidates apply for a role, their automation checks their application, branching to different paths based on qualifications before scheduling a callback.
  • Australia-based DIY store is using ubisend to automate the transformation of several data points between separate APIs before triggering an SMS notification to customers.
  • UK-based consulting agency is squeezing several automated steps that calculate the cost of their service between conversation steps.

And many more.

Still the most robust chatbot builder

Before we wrap this release up, we want to reassure our chatbot folks out there...

ubisend is still the world's most robust chatbot builder.

While the new features should add to your automation experience, you can still use ubisend to build the chatbot(s) of your dream.

What will you automate?

Request a personalised demo to learn more about how ubisend can help you automate processes.