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About ubisendJanuary 26, 2023Written by Alex Debecker

NEW in ubisend: VOIP Chatbots

Automating text-based conversations on your website? Check. Automating conversations on your Facebook page? Check. Automating phone calls? Mmmmh...


We are excited to roll out voice-over IP, or VOIP, as a new ubisend channel -- to give customers the ability to automate phone call conversations.

With a VOIP chatbot, customer service team leaders can increase the efficiency of their call centres. HR departments can provide 24/7 service to all employees (in multiple languages, too). And more.

The benefits of automating your phone line

For many businesses, the phone line is the least effective inbound channel. While live chat agents can handle multiple conversations at once, over the phone it is obviously impossible.

As a result, phone queues grow and grow; and so does the customer's impatience.

A United study revealed callers wait for an average of 12.5 minutes on HRMC's phone line; a number that has steadily increased for the past ten years (source).

That is one example of a trend prevalent across industries. Of course, no one likes to be on hold. Velaro found that almost 60% of callers wouldn't wait more than a minute, and a whopping 90% would hang up by minute 5.

mindful call centre research

Our new VOIP chatbot feature might be what sets you apart from your competitors and their angry customers.

Complex automation in a simple phone call

Automating phone calls should be as simple as automating text-based conversations. Because VOIP is 'just another' ubisend channel, you can:

  • Automate simple questions and answers through FAQs.
  • Automate more complex conversations with our builder.
  • Create a multi-lingual over-the-phone chatbot. Our integration with Audiocodes enables you to give your voice chatbot a perfect pronunciation and accent.
  • Create a VOIP experience powered by our proprietary artificial intelligence, allowing customers to interact using completely natural language instead of the dreaded 'press 1 for... press 2 for...'.

And much more.

Use case: UK council automates their call centre

Our customer, a UK council, gets approximately 700 calls per week. These calls range from misplaced bins to reporting anti-social behaviour and questions about their taxes.

Due to budget cuts and the workforce shortage, the council only gets through 400-450 calls per week.

That is ~35% of calls unanswered, the majority of which are simple questions a chatbot can easily handle.

Through our VOIP chatbot implementation, our customer is able to build a first line of support through automated interactions. When the chatbot is unable to help, it is armed with a simple 'forward' functionality, passing the conversation on to a human counterpart.

Like a text chatbot, a VOIP chatbot is able to handle hundreds of conversations simultaneously. That means a much more efficient customer service team and happier customers.

Start automating your call centre. Read more about VOIP chatbots or request a demo to see it in action.