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Chatbot AbilitiesAugust 2, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

What Will Your Virtual Assistant Chatbot do for You?

virtual assistant chatbot

Let's put these robots to work.

The chatbot revolution got us all thinking egotistically about everything they could do for us. After all, if not for personal gain, what are these machines good for?

(Actually, quite a lot. Read our blog).

So, for this article, I want to jam a little bit and see what we can come up with. What could a virtual assistant chatbot do for us? Which tasks would it take over? What would it perform better than us? How much time could we save using it?

Why a chatbot assistant?

First things first, why should we even think of getting a virtual personal assistant?

To me, the answer lies in efficiency.

We constantly write about the benefits of chatbots in the workplace, whatever department you are in. They make our processes more efficient. They get better results. They are faster. They make fewer mistakes. They free up our time. In a word, they rock.

Who says that cannot apply to our personal lives?

I believe a chatbot assistant can help us at home as much as it can help us at work. It is an all-knowing machine that can help you become a more efficient wife, mother, husband, student, worker -- and anything in between.

At the moment, we all run around with smartphones and a gazillion apps all promising to make us the best version of ourselves. A chatbot assistant is the one central hub to rule it all. It reminds us about our meetings, our shopping list, and our mother's birthday.

In today's world, efficiency is the name of the game. A virtual chatbot assistant is the epitome of efficiency.

Enough dissertation. What could a chatbot do for us? I'll go through a few things I'd love to get our dev to develop for me (if you guys are reading this, I am still waiting). I'll ask you to share yours!

My virtual assistant chatbot will help me...

Book meetings

I am terrible at time zones. Scheduling meetings with NYC, then Malta, then Colombia, then Ukraine all in one day -- nightmare.

My chatbot assistant will do all that for me. I will tell it to arrange a meeting with Joe Blogg. The chatbot will sync with my calendar and his, give me available times and allow me to pick. Done.

Organise my to-do list

So much to do, so little time. My to-do list is massive. Prioritising is difficult, but it has to be done.

My virtual assistant will help me with that. Every morning it will read out my meetings for the day (like Alexa's flash briefing, but better). Then, it will tell me how much time I have left at the office to get stuff done.

Next, it will pick tasks from my massive to-do list and organise them around my meetings for the day. I can then edit the list and change things around. All this happens as I wake up.

Once I'm at work, my to-do list is ready, my calendar is full. I'm ready to kick some butt.

Pick me a movie for the evening

I wrote about this before, I hate browsing Netflix. The entire experience of swiping through these feeds annoys me.

Thanks to the data it has on me (taught or collected), my chatbot assistant will know my taste. Before dinner time, it will make an educated suggestion on the evening's entertainment.

Not convinced about the choice of movie? Tell it. It goes back and picks something else, or offers a few choices.

Generate images

Illustrating an article is not always easy. I like using tools like Canva and Unsplash to make my blog posts pretty. But, why do I have to navigate to these sites, use their search bars, download their images, import into another app, and so on? Boring.

My chatbot assistant will do all that for me. I will tell it the title of my article and a few more details on what I want my image to be ('abstract', 'text-based', 'with people', etc.) and let it toodle off.

I will then get a fully built image sent back to approve or disapprove. Right size, right colours (our brand), right fonts (our brand), right everything!

Talk about saving time.

What about you?

What would your virtual assistant chatbot do for you? Share with us on Twitter!