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Chatbot ToolsDecember 1, 2016Written by Alex Debecker

ubisend Line Integration - We've Got You All LINEd Up

See what we've been up to in the latest product update.

We've been busy beavering away on features, updates and improvements to make your experience better. Here's what's new.


LINE Messaging API

First and foremost, we updated our LINE integration to cater for the new LINE Messaging API which replaced the now deprecated LINE BOT API.

Replacing an integration is pretty tedious, to keep things spicy, and to prevent you avid readers from bouncing, we took the opportunity to jazz up the integration.

Behold! Lovely LINE users now have access to the following message types:

Template messages




Multi-template messages


multi template










Not bad eh :-)

URL shortener

In our haste to get the new app design live, we neglected to include shortened URLs in our message preview.

After slapping ourselves around the face, we put it right back for you. As an apology, we improved the capturing of URLs ripe for shortening. A URL wrapped in brackets will no longer ruin your day.

Filterable messages

You asked. We delivered. When in conversation view, you now have the option to filter your messages based on sent or received. A little update, but worthy of a mention nonetheless.

That's it for this update; hope you have a great week.