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Pitching ChatbotsNovember 29, 2017Written by

3 Must-Remember Stats for Your First Chatbot Pitch

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So you're about to step into your first chatbot pitch meeting, huh? Exciting times.

You're ready. Your slides are safe and sound, tucked away on your laptop (which has full battery... good thinking). You've prepared an answer to all the questions they are likely to ask you. You're dressed in your lucky outfit, you know, the one that says 'I'm a pro but I'm also a geek'.

You are about to be thrown into the deep end, and it is important you have something to hold on to.

Fear not. ubisend is here.

If all else fails, remember these three key stats about chatbots. These stats will help you pitch chatbots the best way possible: with relatable and actionable data.


1. 'You are ahead of the curve... for now'

This one is one of the most compelling chatbot stats you will find. I use this all the time and find it very effective.

By 2020, 80% of businesses will have some sort of chatbot automation in place (Business Insider, 2016).


Why is this important during your chatbot pitch?

If you are pitching to someone, chances are they already know about chatbots. They also are most likely somewhat interested. The thing to remember is that chatbots are still new. Though it is all super exciting, it is also a big jump for most companies. They are putting their trust in this new technology (and, to some extent, you).

80pc businesses chatbot automation 2020

2018 will soon be upon us, it's right around the corner. Soon, there will be barely two years left until 2020 (which seemed so far away when this stat was first released).

This statistic reminds everyone in the room why chatbots are something to invest into now. There is a competitive advantage at the minute. Soon, this competitive advantage will turn into 'the norm'.

Don't let your clients lag behind.


2. 'Your customers are catching on'

I love this statistic for two reasons. One, it came out of our own research (yay team ubisend!). Two, it says a lot while remaining subtle and not too in-your-face.

21% of consumers see chatbots as the easiest way to contact a business (ubisend, 2017).


Why is this important during your chatbot pitch?

Remember when I said chatbots were new tech? 99% of the world hadn't heard of chatbots before mid-2016. The fact that already over a fifth of all consumers believe them to be the best way to engage a business is... well, crazy.

21pc consumers money chatbots

Excerpt from the 2017 Chatbot Report


I like to couple this stat with two more. 57% of UK consumers know what a chatbot is. 35% of consumers want to see more companies use chatbots (both from our research).

Don't worry if you can't remember these ones off the top of your head. Let it sink in. Only about half of the population knows what a chatbot is, yet already 21% think they are amazing. Amazing to the point of skipping email, phones, live chat, etc.

Keep that in your potential client's mind. Their customers are catching on to the amazingness of chatbots.


3. 'It's profitable. Simple.'

Admittedly, this one works best with an e-commerce site. Yet, I like to bring it up to every single chatbot pitch meeting I walk into.

37% of consumers would buy items via a company's Facebook page (HubSpot 2017).


Why is this important during your chatbot pitch?

Listen, you can tell client your chatbot is the best thing since sliced bread all you want. It won't matter until you can show them the money. This is the money.

hubspot ai report

Not only do consumers find chatbots useful to the point of ditching other channels, they are ready to spend cash through them. For most companies, Facebook is getting more profitable than their own website. Set your chatbot loose over on Facebook Messenger, and watch the money roll in.

I like to bring this one up in all my meetings, even with HR departments. It gives a good sense of what consumers are ready to do. It is a trust factor.


Conclusion: pitch your chatbots the right way

Before I finish, please remember this. Every company is unique. Their needs are unique. Their values are unique and your solution should be unique. Keep that in mind before throwing numbers and data around.

Give yourself a sanity check. You are about to meet a local charity, do they care about the number of businesses with chatbot automation in 2020? Maybe not. But, they will definitely care about consumers wanting to reach them through chatbots. If you need more inspiration, don't forget to frequently visit our Chatbot Statistics page -- we try to keep it up to date.

Keep these three stats in mind at all times. Treat them like lifebuoys and use them as a jump-off point.