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Chatbot DevelopmentApril 10, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

The Best Chatbot Agency London Has to Offer


Disclaimer: I don't tend to brag very often.

I love the work we do at ubisend and am very proud of everything we have accomplished.

In all the recent blog posts I wrote, I shared insights we have learned working with the biggest companies. This blog post will be a bit different.

I'm going to brag. I'm going to tell you exactly why I believe we are the best chatbot agency London (even the world) has to offer. It's probably not very 'content marketing-y' of me, but oh well.

With this in mind, I urge you to stop reading if you cannot handle >1,000 words of bragging. I won't blame you. If you do keep reading, though, I think you will find valuable information about us, what we do, and how to decipher the top chatbot companies from the rest.

Introduction - A worldwide chatbot agency in London

Before moving further, I want to address the location part of this article: London.

We are a UK-based company with a few offices around the country, including London. We are extremely proud of being part of the London scene when it comes to chatbots, AI, and tech in general.

Having said that, we are obviously a worldwide company as well. Although we are based in London, we work with clients and partners from all over the world, in a whole bunch of different languages.

In this article, I am going to focus on why we are the best chatbot agency in London, but all of this applies to the world as well.

Why we are the best chatbot agency London has to offer

This is going to be a somewhat long article, so I thought I would give you the short version before you dive in. These are the six reasons I believe we are the best at what we do.

1. Over 13 years of experience in mobile messaging

2. We've got the team to back us up

3. We have worked with the biggest brands

4. We are everywhere

5. Really, we are everywhere

6. We are ready

Great. Ready to dive in? Let's get started.

Over 13 years of experience in mobile messaging

This is one of our most valuable and unique advantages.

It always comes up in our early meetings or discovery calls with potential clients. They ask us a little bit about our company, when we formed, how long we have been in business, etc.

They are always surprised by our answer.

Although ubisend itself was founded in 2016, we have been in mobile messaging for over 13 years.

During these 13 years, we have had the chance to develop a strong understanding for mobile messaging. Although for 10 years out of these 13, we have mainly dealt with SMS, it was still gave us extremely valuable insights.

Today, we still send messages to millions of people across the world in many different languages through different messaging platforms.

We've got the team to back us up

It is certainly uncommon for a chatbot building company, at this point in time, to have a comprehensive team. We do.

Strong from our extensive experience in mobile messaging, we have been able to build a large team. Our team includes marketers, sales, experienced managers, translators, and more.

The people behind ubisend are what allows us to stay different to our competition.

Need to build a chatbot in Chinese? Italian? French? No problem.

Need help marketing a doctor bot? Absolutely.

Need consultation on how a chatbot could help streamline different processes within a large enterprise? Of course, we can do that.

We are extremely proud of the team we have built over the years.

We have worked with the biggest brands

The two points above got us this one.

Thanks to our amazing team and extensive experience, we have had the chance to sit down and work with the biggest companies in the world.

Working with brands such as Johnson & Johnson for their pregnancy mobile messaging program and Unilever for their Comic Relief chatbot. We know how to deliver enterprise-grade chatbots.

At this level, it is not all about the tech. Nailing the build is easy, it is what we do daily. When working with large enterprise, you also need to adapt to the intricacies of the companies, the teams, the legal departments, and much more.

Over the last 13 years, we have had the chance to work with multiple global NGOs and governments and this has given us a tremendous advantage over our competition.

guide to chatbots in public sector

You would be hard pressed to find a chatbot building company in London with a similar track record.

We are everywhere

As the CMO, I am particularly proud of this: our company is everywhere.

Since the chatbot industry is really just getting started we have the chance of being everywhere.

Thanks to our unique insights in the industry, we get to share our thoughts, views, and lessons learned all across the web.

We have been interviewed for DigiDay, asked to contribute to the Huffington Post and VentureBeat, featured in eConsultancy, and much more.

I take the time, every day, to monitor social media and thank the people mentioning us, our work, or our content. It has started to take me way too much time to thank everyone every day.

Not only do our customers love our content, our peers do as well. We have had the chance of being asked to contribute to numerous chatbot news websites and other 'listicles'.

It is an honour to be regarded as one of the leading chatbot companies out there by both consumers and our peers.

Really, we are everywhere

All of the points above have been about internet presence. As a digital marketer at heart, this makes me really happy. It also makes me incredibly happy to notice the physical presence we are building.

Over the past three months, as the world suddenly caught up with us and noticed chatbots, we have been invited to speak at countless events about our craft.

We have had the chance to speak in front of local audiences about our mobile messaging platform, but also in front of more select crowds of CxOs in London about the rise of AI.

It is, once again, an honour to see the ubisend name alongside other panellists from companies like Google, Uber, or Spotify.

We are ready

Finally, this is our biggest strength and the biggest reason why we are the best chatbot agency London has to offer: we are ready.

In a recent article, I said one of the traits of leading chatbot companies is they are ready to take on any project. I stand by that statement.

Over the years, we have worked on a wide variety of projects. We have never had to focus on doing just 'one thing'. The 'one thing' we do is build amazing custom chatbots. We don't stick to one niche, one product, one end user.

I strongly believe this has had a tremendous impact on our ability to take on any project. We rarely say no, and it makes us stronger.

On my end, I find it fascinating to connect with all sorts of people and companies doing vastly different things.

I get to hop on a meeting with a bank from Canada, then a digital agency from Australia, and finish with a large retailer in Brazil.

I get to speak to all these people, listen to their problems, and map out how we are going to fix them with an amazing custom chatbot.

I get to tell them yes. Yes, we will take on your project. Yes, we have built something similar before. Yes, we are excited to work with you on this.

Conclusion - The brag is over

Well, this was fun. I have never taken the time to sit down and write why I am so proud to be part of ubisend, and why I believe we are the leading chatbot company in London (and elsewhere).

I hope this article did two things.

One, convince you we are the best for your job - whatever job you have. We are a company after all and signing new clients is what keeps us going. If you have a chatbot to be built, we are the ones to call. Do it.

Two, give you insights on what to look for. You may have gone through this article and thought 'wow, these guys don't do it for me'. Although this would make me sad, I hope you have read enough about our journey to know what a successful chatbot building company looks like. Take our journey and use it as a blueprint to find the company that is right for you (but also don't, we are that company).

Thank you for indulging in my bragging session. No more, I promise!