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Chatbot IndustriesApril 18, 2017Written by Dean Withey

Benefits of a Chatbot for Website Owners

website chatbot

You have worked hard to get someone to visit your site; your marketing copy is on point, you have AB tested every single element, and you are ready to pounce when someone clicks, calls or buys.

However, no matter how much content you have, how big your FAQs are and how well tested your user interface is, sometimes people have questions. Also, at times, if they do not get an answer they do not buy what you are selling.

Hundreds of companies around the world have sprung up with their marketing collateral based on this fear or missing a sale. They offer live chat services where, with just a little piece of code, your staff can communicate with visitors to your website in real time. Fantastic. Questions are being answered, and sales are on the up.


The next evolution of this service is already happening

You see, the problem with what I just explained is this bit... 

"Your staff can communicate with visitors..."

Your staff...

Imagine if those staff members had the time to deal with the more complicated questions, the most regular or high-end customers. According to the Pareto Principle, a website-based chatbot might instantly remove 80% of inbound enquiries.

Think of the time your staff spend answering the same questions, dealing with the same complaints or confirming the same details with users. A chatbot is an excellent tool for dealing with these mundane, regular and efficiency-based tasks and freeing up your staff to deal with the things only humans can do.

What if a chatbot for your website could communicate with visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

What if that website chatbot never got tired, could communicate in any language and had instant access to your product data and stock levels?

What if it could talk to hundreds of thousands of people at once, personally and at scale?


Chatbots, websites and artificial intelligence

Website owners around the world can now access the technology and power of artificial intelligence to deliver a personal chatbot experience to their site visitors and wider audiences.

A friendly on-brand personal website chatbot that will greet visitors, talk to them casually and guide them through the product selection and buyer journey.


Here are some top-of-head ways a chatbot for websites helps:

  • The user needs help finding a product? Much like a real shop assistant, it engages in natural conversation and makes recommendations.
  • The user just added a nice pair of blue shoes to their shopping basket? It will recommend a beautiful matching clutch bag.
  • The user needs help finding somewhere to go on holiday? The chatbot will ask about the types of holiday they like and make recommendations.



  • Is the user confused due to complex products? The website chatbot can deep-link to direct them to read more information on specifications or buying guides.
  • Is a user spending a long time reading about a product? The chatbot will say hi and ask if they can help.
  • Is a user looking for a piece of editorial content on your site? An editorial chatbot can help there too.
  • The user wants to talk to a human? The chatbot on the website will prequalify their needs and connect them to the appropriate department, or take a message if no one is available.

Although limitless, here are some industries that are ripe for integration and instant results (want some ideas? We are putting together a list, have a look):

  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Tourism, hotels and travel
  • SaaS platforms
  • Insurance
  • Publishing and editorial
  • Real estate
  • Consulting
  • Education
  • Energy and utilities
  • Financial services
  • Transportation and storage

Interestingly, it does not have to end at 'just' a website chatbot.

Website owners can elect to automatically add their branded and custom chatbot experience across additional channels, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS, WeChat and more.


Chatbots for websites are here, happening right now.

They are already providing tremendous benefits to organisations, their customers and their employees. Extending services and their availability in a cost-sensitive way can be of enormous potential to make things better.

Now, it's your turn.