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Chatbot Success StoriesApril 11, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

The Community-Generated List of Chatbots

list of chatbots

A list of chatbots to play with is one of the most sought after pieces of content.

Our customers ask us to point them in the direction of cool chatbots to use all the time. Whether the best chatbot agency built them or not, most people don't really mind. They just want to experience the future.

With this in mind, I thought I would try something a little bit different. In this article, I am going to list chatbots you can interact with.

There are a few things you need to know.

1. This list is community generated. I will start it off now, but once I make my initial selection live, I will only accept chatbots suggested by people outside of ubisend.

To suggest a chatbot, tweet us at @ubisend.

2. This list contains chatbots we have not built.

3. This list contains chatbots we have built. When the product is good and we built it, we are really happy to share it :)

4. We will not attribute credit to the chatbot builder (even when it's us). We want to keep this list impartial and fun.

5. We will only list live chatbots you can actually use right now.

6. We remain the right not to list chatbots if we feel they are either too promotional or inappropriate.

7. Not all of the chatbots in this list are AI-driven, some may be flow-based.

8. I am listing them in no particular order now. Once we grow the list together, I will arrange them as we all see fit.

That's it! Don't forget to tweet us if you'd like to see your chatbot added below.



Use on Slack

jukebot slack chatbot ubisend

Jukebot is a fun side project from our CTO, Joe Dixon. It allows companies to use Slack as their very own jukebox by integrating with Spotify. 

Create your team's playlist, search for artists or songs, and collaboratively add your favourite (and remove that weird one Craig always seems to add. Damn it, Craig). Give it a try!



Use on Messenger

ubisend list of chatbots nike

Nike's chatbot lets you create your own style of shoes. Generate your style following the chatbot's commands, choose between different genres and shapes of shoes.

Have to admit I know nothing about sneakers. Hard to really say how good this is from a shoe perspective.

It did sneakily assume I was a woman for some reason and only showed me women's models!



Rorschach Test

Use on Telegram

ubisend list of chatbots rorschach

Thought this one to be quite fun. They do announce pretty heavily that the test is by no means scientific. You should definitely see an actual psychologist if you'd like to take the real test (duh!).

It's an odd one because the Rorschach test is supposed to get the patient to express him or herself about he or she sees in the drawing. In this version, though, the chatbot user can only reply with one or two words, and some of them don't get recognised.

Oh well, still a fun little bot!



Use Clever

cleverbot screenshot

With a history of being an early incarnation of natural language processing (NLP), Cleverbot simply has to be one of our favourite coded companions. Talk about anything, ask anything and get witty, clever answers.

This platform will lead you to many other friendly fun bots, such as Eviebot, Boibot and even the bot of famed YouTuber Pewdiepie. Explore to your heart’s content. See if you can be convinced - as they’d have you believe - that they are human.

Thanks to Jamie for suggesting this bot!


Adidas Women

Use on Messenger

ubisend list of chatbots adidas women

The Adidas Women chatbot helps you find fitness classes in their 'Studio'.

It is an informative chatbot aimed at answering questions on this very specific topic and nothing (that is a good thing). It does have some AI implemented, which allows you to ask questions in a slightly different way than the buttons they offer suggest.


Dad Joke Bot

Use on Messenger

dad joke bot

We all grew up with a classmate who thought themselves hilarious. And they probably were. Now that you’re adulting, you probably have less of that surrounding you.

Step in Dad Joke Bot. 

Reminiscing memories of the class clown is a thing of the past. On your prompt, Dad Joke Bot immediately brightens up your day with a witty one liners.

Though the functionality of this bot is limited to telling jokes, it’s still a great addition to your Facebook contacts. It beats more conversations about the weather.

Thanks to Jamie for suggesting this bot!


World Surf League

Use on Messenger

ubisend list of chatbots wsl

The World Surf League (or WSL) chatbot is an event update chatbot. It helps you get up to date on the surf scene, the competitions, and the surfer rankings.

Although it has limited AI, the WSL bot can still be a lot of fun if you are a surfing aficionado.




Use on Messenger

ubisend list of chatbots heyplum

This is a real fun one. The HeyPlum chatbot helps you find cooking recipes. You give it the ingredients you have and it fetches inspiration.

You can ask it recipes including different ingredients at once. For instance, tell it 'I want a recipe with carrots and chicken'.

This may be my stomach talking but I really like this one.



Use on Messenger

ubisend list of chatbots assistantbot

The AssistantBot is a virtual assistant that super useful for... actually, nothing at all - and that's the point. Although I was a bit confused at first, I can see the fun in this silly chatbot. Have a play with it, try to break it, and let us know how it went.

Warning: The AssistantBot can get a bit rude at times.



Use on Slack

engazify list of chatbots ubisend

The engazify bot lives on Slack. Its sole purpose? To motivate and reward your performing team members. Set up cheer keywords and emojis, and let the fun start. The chatbot will log each time one of your members get cheered, rank you all on leaderboards, and spread the love.

Thanks to Nagesh from Twitter for suggesting this bot!


Meditate Bot

Use on Messenger


Your journey with this mindful buddy starts on Facebook messenger where you will be prompted to download the Meditate bot app. Following that, you can then set your interaction frequency preferences.

With a free trial you will have access to the Calm platform and can set your activity type preferences and try getting a bit of calm in your life.

It’s a pretty cool way to cool down.

Thanks to Jamie for suggesting this bot!


You've hit bot bottom

(Good one)

Hi there. If you are reading this, you have reached the bottom of the list of chatbots to play with.

You may have gone through just a few or hundreds of chatbots to get here, depending on when you found this article. Either way, thank you for reading.

Time to contribute! This is a community generated list, so we need your help to fill it up. Send us a tweet at @ubisend and point us in the direction of chatbot you have used and enjoyed.

If it fits our very strict criteria (just kidding, look at some of these bots!), we will add it to the list.