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Reselling ChatbotsNovember 30, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

How to Become a Chatbot Reseller

become chatbot reseller

You've talked about them, read about them and probably even spoken to one. Every business type and size across the planet is scrambling to implement chatbot technology, and you want a piece of the pie.

Well, it's a good job you found us.

Joining a leading chatbot company

Before I tell you how ubisend can make you one of the most successful chatbot resellers in your area, I want to explain why we need your help.

You see, we have a vision. We see a future where every website and social channel for business has an assistant, an assistant that saves everyone time. It gets a consumer to their answer quicker, and it enables a busy company to do more with less.

And with way over 100 million businesses in the world, we're going to need your help.

Your role as a chatbot reseller

So, what's your role in this?

We're a pretty smart bunch and we've delivered lots of chatbot solutions. From HR deployments in global banks to Facebook Messenger solutions for pizza restaurants, we've even turned a monkey into something you can talk to.

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The problem is that a chatbot is not a 'drag and drop' or 'build in 1 minute with no coding' job. It's a transformational product that takes communication with the business; you have to understand requirements and (sometimes) integrate into business systems. It's a bit like building and delivering a website. Rarely do you get it right first time, and each one is different.

A new opportunity has arisen.

Our company has the tools and technology (and geeks!). Our partners, like you, use our platform and tools to get over the final hurdle and add specific customisations for business.

In a nutshell, here's how it works.

  • You're interested in chatbots (or curious, if only for the potential capital gain).
  • You join our partner programme.
  • You get access to our fully white-labelled bot deployment, monitoring and human take over suite.
  • If you like, you can deploy this platform onto your website or subdomain.
  • You work with our geeks to develop a custom high-end templated solution for your specific industry, region, language.
  • We plug your custom framework into your deployment platform.
  • You customise specific bots for your customers (or they do it themselves through your platform).
  • If you want to, the platform handles all billing, and your customers get access for tweaking, monitoring, notifications and human takeover (and lots more).

We pride ourselves on being at the very top of the chatbot food chain. That means we make sure our technology is alway better than the rest and that you have all the tools, documentation and resources you need to market, sell and service.

Can't align partnership goals much more than that huh?

The chatbot opportunity is here

Chatbots are a huge opportunity for all stakeholders. The results they are achieving in the enterprise space are trickling down and will very soon hit early majority and late majority diffusion.

The kicker is, because of the added value you can bring to the company during the conception, deployment and maintenance phases, you see the most significant profit margin.

Oh yeah, I forgot.

How to become a chatbot reseller? Contact us here, and you can deliver high-end bespoke enterprise-grade chatbots and have access to our mass-market chatbot deployment platform.