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Reselling ChatbotsNovember 30, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

4 Interests a Chatbot Reseller Must Nurture

chatbot reseller nurture

ubisend is taking a new step in the world of chatbots. After spending years building and selling our services, we are opening more opportunity to our partners.

Companies and individuals from all around the world can, all of a sudden, become chatbot resellers. Exciting times. If you haven't joined us just yet and you are interested, apply here. We try to get back to everyone.

Over the years, I have noticed four prominent qualities a chatbot reseller should have in order to succeed. You won't fail because you don't have all four of them. These are qualities you should nurture as you grow on your chatbot selling journey.

General tech

I know lots of salespeople. Some of my 30-year old friends have been in sales for the last 12 years. Most of them don't care what they are selling -- which I sort of admire. They could sell you anything, Wolf of Wall Street style.

This doesn't apply to selling chatbots.

To become a good chatbot reseller, you must at least have an interest in technology. This could mean anything, from reading TechCrunch (or better, our blog!) every day to signing up to geeky newsletters.

The point is, chatbots are at the forefront of tech right now. Everyone is talking about it. If you believe chatbots are about to take off (which you should, if you are selling them, duh), you must know about the industry in general.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not asking you to go through hours of learning, university classes, and coding practice. You don't need to go that crazy.

What I do mean is you should at least have some understanding of artificial intelligence. You should know the basics of machine learning, natural language processing/understanding, etc.

I am not nearly as geeky as most of my colleagues here. However, I do have a decent understanding of the topics above.

To help you get there if you don't know where to start:


To be good at selling, you must keep learning and practising. It's like being good at a sport or chess. If you lay back and think you know it all, some young person is going to kick your butt.

It's important you nurture your selling skills. I like to read a few blogs to do so. I also like to pick up the phone and help our sales team every now and then. There is nothing quite like learning by doing. In sales, you are often put on the spot and have to think on your feet. It's a great way to stay in shape and curious about the two topics above.

To keep learning, find anything Aaron Ross has written. He has a unique approach to writing which can be off-putting, but his teaching is incredibly valuable.

Then, practice, practice, practice. Pick up that phone and dial all the companies from your neighbourhood in these industries. Do it.

Branding and design

Finally, something a bit left-field.

Chatbots are a new way for brands to express themselves. Step aside, colouring pens and drawing boards. Welcome, conversations and small talk.

To be a good chatbot reseller, you must understand branding. How the chatbot you are selling will fit within the company's brand narrative? It's a shiny new world, exciting, but also daunting. You must be able to advise your prospects on the steps they need to take to adapt their brand.

chatbots branding exercise

To learn about this, talk to marketers and designers. Talk to branding and PR agencies. I would advise you request these people/teams to be present during your first chatbot meetings. Tell your prospects to bring their marketer along. Explain the basics of what chatbot design, UX, and branding is. Then, sit back and watch them do their thing.

Of course, I also often write about these things on our blog and for others.

Conclusion: there is work ahead

All this is work. It may not seem like it. You may think you are already interested in these topics so you can take it easy. You would be wrong.

The important word in the title of this article is nurture. To become, and remain, a great chatbot reseller, nurture these interests. Stay on top.

See you up there.