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Reselling ChatbotsNovember 29, 2017Written by Alex Debecker

Why Join our Chatbot Whitelabel Service?

chatbot whitelabel

In 2017, Business Insider research showed that 67% of consumers used a chatbot for customer support.

By 2018, a Forrester survey suggests 72% of retailers plan to add chatbots to their marketing mix.

By 2019, IDC predicts 75% of workers who use enterprise-grade software will supplement their work using intelligent personal assistants.

By 2020, Gartner predicts chatbots will power 85% of all online interactions, and the average person will talk to a chatbot more than they talk to their partner.

You might be sitting there, reading these exciting facts thinking ‘Wow, how do I get involved in this?’.

Well, pull up a chair, your world is about to get rocked.

Getting involved in our chatbot whitelabel program

The ubisend partner programme enables you to develop, resell and deploy chatbots in a pure whitelabel capacity, at scale.

You may want to go mass-market and use our white-label chatbot deployment platform as your own SaaS product. It lives on your website and has your logos. You promote it, your customers self-serve and deploy their chatbots (it even handles all the billing).

Overnight, you are in the chatbot market and capitalising on its ridiculous growth (CAGR of 37.11% from 2017-2021).

chatbot market revenue

Chatbot market revenue share and expected CAGR (source)

Or, perhaps you want to go straight to the enterprise market and deliver high-end, super-bespoke fully integrated solutions. This is fine too, our NLP and ML geeks are at your service. We can work with you to scope out, plan and deliver a solution or you can do everything and just tell us what to build and when it needs to be ready.

What does it take?

Some partners do a little of everything. One might use our chatbot deployment platform to deliver their bespoke solution and work with us to build the occasional ‘big’ deal. Another might use one of our predefined chatbots and integrate it into their current digital product range. We’re flexible.

Our job is to do everything we can to help you join the ~1billion USD market forecast by 2024.

Our hundreds of partners range across a diverse set of companies and industries. We have solopreneurs from the depths of Canada, high-flying city kids in Singapore, digital agencies in London and real estate brokers in NYC. You might be a company with a software solution who wants to integrate chatbots, an agency with a client base, a startup with a neat idea, or an individual with a dream.

Regardless, we’re here to help.

Why choose ubisend?

A whitelabel chatbot partnership with ubisend gives you the confidence to pitch and talk to brands about chatbots and AI, knowing someone is there to deliver anything your mind can imagine.

We can be a silent partner, get involved with creative or even turn up to help out at a pitch. Some partners don’t tell their clients we exist, others introduce us, and we work side-by-side. We’re flexible, it’s up to you, and it can operate on a per-client basis if you wish. We have tools to help you build mockups and videos and lots of paperwork-y things like templated proposals and discovery documents.

Basically, our job is to do everything you need to create world-class chatbots and deliver remarkable experiences for your clients. You do the critical, creative things; we do the boring geeky bits.

Get in touch or hit the CTA below. One of the partnerships team will show you around our fancy deployment platform, talk about some builds we recently delivered and find out how we can help you.